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Into the Blogosphere

Excitedly we set out into the blogosphere, whatever the blue blazes that is.  We all now know blogging, to blog…..the ‘verb’ blog.  It is one of those words that have become normal language in a very short space of time.  A blog, according to Wikipedia, is a contraction of ‘web log’.  That sounds dreadfully boring and someone must have noticed that at the outset and said blog…..and then over another latte came up with ‘blogosphere’.  I am charged with writing a blog for theBIGteam.  Who on earth will read such a thing?

I love the internet and all things media, communication, publication etc.  I read papers in print, on the web, watch TV, record, subscribe to podcasts, micro pay……..but I don’t read anyones blog.  I signed up to follow Stephen Fry and Lance Armstrong on Twitter, and what  a waste of time, so why blog?

I imagine that we are blogging because we are awesome at what we do and people would do well to know about that.  We have run some complex projects in recent years and who knows you might have such a thing on your hands?  Whatever brings you to our new blogging pages, thanks for coming.  Xu Jinglei has 50 million pages viewed of her blog every month.  If she doesn’t touch on management consulting there might well be a gap that we can fill.  Next stop Birmingham! I told you this would be exciting.

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