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A culture to die for?

Entropy at 8% unheard of?

Barrett Values Centre’s CCT tools enable organisations and individuals to measure their current and desired cultures presenting a set of values that represent these cultures. The team at it-connects has one of the largest teams of Certified CTT consultants in the UK.The CTT model enables the individual or the organisation to review their value set against ‘Seven Levels’ of consciousness and gain insight into where the focus of the values may reside; self interest, transformational or for the common good. There is no right or wrong output but the feedback gives you, or your organisation, fabulous insight.

Now back to entropy, entropy is identified when the value set identified contains values that are potentially limiting – the entropy, or negative energy, created by these potentially limited values can work negatively and if there is too much it can indicate serious cultural issues within an organisation. All organisations have entropy but any that score less than 10 are places that are well worth visiting!

Pulman’s engaged thebigteam consultants, level 2 certified in the use of the CTT framework, to complete the survey and provide feedback to the business. There is no question that from our experience if you are passing Durham and fancy lunch and wish to experience an organisation that has an extra-ordinary culture where the people who work there tell you that all their friends wish they could work there to … well pop into Pulman Volkswagen; and in case, you were wondering they have a restaurant to take care of the lunch part of your visit.

Oh yes, and their top three current values according to their staff were ‘brand image‘, ‘being the best‘ and ‘customer satisfaction‘. And three values the staff desire the most for the culture were ‘customer satisfaction‘, ‘brand image‘ and ‘teamwork‘.

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