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Website copy!

Seems a bit odd to be writing about writing about us but it is an odd thing writing about yourself.  A website for a consultancy is rather like a CV, a bit of a description about us and a lot of what we have done, with a few referees comments.  Sounds simple really but writing about others, I find, is much easier.  Writing in business speak is both expected and quite dull!  We want to come up in search for the right reasons so a few keywords are required, but actually, who is searching for us on the internet?  We can use keywords and tell you that we are excellent but actually you need to meet us.  When Volkswagen wanted a team to support the roll out of their electronic workshop manuals to over 700 centres around the UK they didn’t go to Google, we delivered.  When they changed the whole business model of parts supply they went to a trusted source and again we delivered.  How do we build up that trust outside our own network?  Well this is what we are aiming to do with this site.  We love getting asked back, and it doesn’t surprise us.  We take pride in your business and only get satisfaction from delivering for you.  Perhaps we need to become a recognised brand, a trusted brand that delivers to high expectations; a stand out consultancy.  Unless you talk to someone that has used it-connects you can’t tell if we can live up to our promises.  So am I wasting my time writing text on the site?  I expect it will be a slow burn on randoms finding us on their iphone and desktop search.  Perhaps you already know us and you are looking here for some further validation?  I could write anything and you have to work out whether we can back that up.  My friendly advice is to ignore what I am saying and look directly at our projects and what our clients are saying.  Maybe take a look on Linkedin and see what people who have worked with us say about us as individuals.  Whatever you are doing here, thanks for reading, and I promise you that you that if you are looking for a stand out team to help your business, you are getting warmer.

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