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Capturing ‘great’ practice


So much of what is great is discovered by those at the coal face living with everyday challenges and problems that have to be solved, navigated or circumvented despite some of the challenges of technology, logistics and distant policy decisions.

In 2018, the Global Customer Service team at JLR commissioned thebigteam to get on the road and go and find the ‘great’ practices out in the network from some their high performing retailers both in the UK and the US.

And wow, we found some great stuff.

We found that at every site there were real innovators trying new ideas and exploring what can be done to work within their sphere of influence to make a difference … the people we met did not live in a world where you can survive by blaming others or issues on some a higher force. The people we met took ownership of the service they were offering and came up with innovative solutions to make it happen.

The work triggered a journey … a learning journey and a transformational change programme lead by one of our associates, Nick Reynolds, and partnering companies Interact specialist in Transformational Change.

We also went on to have the opportunity to capture these great practices, and more, in a piece of work to enable peer to peer sharing across the retail network.

And of course we saw some great cars!

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