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eCommerce Accelerator & Project Management

When offered the chance to support an already successful e-commerce operation become even more success thebigteam jumped. Accompanied by Steve Bellew, Simon Knocker from thebigteam set up a scoping session with the COO and developed a plan of action.

With a strong and highly responsive onsite development team time was take to review the current situation and scope out the requirements in order to deliver the bold target – the BHAG. The scope for the work included:

  • Review of eCommerce Trading Skills and Capabilities – deliver a development plan including coaching
  • Review the Design of the Site – deliver recommendations and approaches for its enhancements
  • Review the Customer Journey – build a clear understanding of the journey and blockers/opportunities within it – deliver the change
  • Workflow and Task Management Capability – develop a set of clear business requirements in order to develop a work management functional capability within the ERP toolset already deployed.
  • Business Intelligence and Trading Insight – review the already comprehensive potential of the current platform and identify the business requirements in order to evolve the reporting/insight tools to support the eCommerce trading and overall proposition performance.
  • Design a Target Operating Model – deliver

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