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84-years-of-age, VR? No problem.


In my journey of Virtual Reality (VR) discovery I am keen to get an understanding of how easily users can take up the technology and go … So when I asked my 84-year-old father to have a go I was excited to see how he found the whole experience; from using the recently released Quest2 hardware to navigating the operating system, using the controls, and adapting to immersing himself in VR. If he can do it surely anyone can?

Well, check out the short video as he immerses himself in a flight c/o of YouTube VR. 

The result was … he loved it.

He appeared to quickly adjust to the new world, he mastered the controls and relished the whole experience of escaping reality and losing himself in a different world; even whilst being seated in his kitchen with my mother preparing the evening roast around him. Maybe that made the experience all the sweeter!

I have now spent 5 weeks on this journey of discovery and the opportunities for this technology just appear endless. I have reviewed over ten collaboration application platforms for hosting meetings, workshops, and collaborating in VR; some are amazing, some are currently less so. All are new, evolving rapidly, and being developed by real innovators with a passion for pushing this technology to its limits.

The world is changing so rapidly and, I believe, the headset will shortly join the laptop and the phone as the tools of business; perhaps they might even merge. A view shared by Michele C Fuhs from Circle4X in his blog on LinkedIn about SLH (Smartphone, Laptop and Headset).

Check in next time when I look at some recent research done by Dr Abraham Campbell and colleagues from in conjunction with the Bank of Ireland which pitches Video Conferencing and Virtual Reality head to head as ways of collaborating. They have some really interesting findings and I will share their paper on the results.

The next step on my journey is to invite some trusted friends and colleagues in to the world of VR collaboration and get their feedback on the technology. Look forward to sharing their feedback with you.

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