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Does VR Shine for Stephen King?

I have worked for Stephen for over 20 years both during our time at Volkswagen UK and subsequently together on projects through thebigteam. Stephen is at his best when he is on his feet in front of an audience and he has a PostIt note in his hand; he craves the energy and emotional feedback that working with people in a development environment presents.

Stephen will tell you that technology is not his thing. Despite this, he as worked alongside me delivering some of the most significant technological changes seen in automotive retail including the deployment of Audi Cam, an industry-first video solution, the deployment of Volkswagen Group’s desktop solution and the rollout of Group’s electronic workshop handbook solution to over 10,000 technicians. These deployments all required a mindset change and the ability to work differently. A ‘Luddite’ he is not.

However, could leaving the physical interaction of the ‘training room’ behind and going 100% virtual be a step too far? So the chance to meet up with him in Virtual Reality and get his feedback was not one to miss.

Check out Stephen’s thoughts.

Stephen King shares his learnings from his VR experience

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