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Screen Time V The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

We are locked back down but this time it is not the summer, it is grey, wet and cold. So, how do you occupy your teenage kids? Well the easy option is ‘screen time’ but we made a choice to try something a little different … “How about we drop you off 15 miles from home with a map?” …

“OK, why not” was the response.

So one map, one compass, a pack lunch and a route card required with some tasks (just to make sure they avoided the temptations of ‘Uber’ and ‘Just Eat’).


And that was it.

An early start (or middle of the night as the kids described it) and a drop off deep in the Surrey Hills and off they went for a day of fresh air, learning how to use a map and a compass. They loved it.

They couldn’t avoid a little screen time on route and managed to capture a little drone footage of their day out:

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