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Digital Journey & Omnichannel Benchmarking

Did you know that in 13 clicks you can choose a model, select your options and buy a £145,000 car? Or, on Amazon, you can find and spend £144,000 on one item in 7 clicks?

Well, I didn’t until I completed this assignment.

thebigteam was engaged by a partner organisation, Akeno, to work with Akeno to benchmark a premium automotive brand’s online digital journey against five competitor premium automotive brands, five new entrants/challenger brands, and five leading, non-automotive, omnichannel retailers.

The established automotive brands benchmarked were: Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo. The five new entrant challenger brands were: Carwow, Cazoo , Cinch, Rockar and Tesla. And the five Omnichannel online brands were: Apple, DFS, John Lewis, Kuoni and O2.

The work required a detailed review of each of the brands online digital purchasing journeys assessing the user experience and the journey against each other, e-commerce principles, and a set of defined ‘criteria’.

The output of the work was presented using a ‘heat map’ that gave visual insight into the performance of each of the brands when benchmarked against each other. Each of the brands’ journeys was documented and rated using the model providing quantifiable comparisons. Conclusions were documented and a detailed set of recommendations created that included the development of a strategy and a plan for delivering an omnichannel experience, considerations around delivering a mindset change within the organisation, and suggested tactical activities that could be realised to address some of the immediate issues or opportunities available to the client. A prioritisation matrix was also presented to support the recommendations and provide the client insight into the ease of implementing and likely impact/benefits.

Wow, a really exciting piece of work that provided real deep insight as to where the OEMs are today at delivering an online experience, how the new entrants are shaking up the industry and opening people’s minds … and how everyone stacks up against some of the household omnichannel online retailers that we all know and love (and who set the height of the bar and what we expect from an online buying experience).

Perhaps a natural progression from this analysis will be to look at how they all stack up against some of the ‘pure’ online retailers who don’t even consider ‘omnichannel’ to be part of their strategy. I feel an article coming.

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