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thebigteam visit thebigapple!

The Global Jaguar Land Rover Team are embarking on a project to refine and enhance aftersales processes in order to ensure highly optimised workshops. As part of the project, thebigteam have been invited to visit Retailers in the US and the UK in order to identify best practices. The US leg of the journey takes us to New York.

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thebigteam Visits the Bernabeu, Madrid…

 …..well, almost… Luckily for our contemporaries, we were in Madrid to impart our Project Management knowledge, rather than our football skills, to the Iberia Jaguar Land Rover Senior Leadership Team, and had a great view of the Real Madrid football stadium from our meeting room.
As part of the establishment of a European Regional Programme Governance Model, thebigteam were asked to deliver a series of coaching sessions across Europe. Including this workshop in Madrid for the Iberia Team.
Outcome: Providing the foundation and knowledge required for the Project Sponsors and Leads to create robust, transparent and efficient project plans in line with the Global and Regional framework, which can be tracked and monitored both centrally and at a Market level.


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Programme and Project Management Consultancy

In January 2018 thebigteam were engaged to provide support and direction to the establishment of European Regional Programme Governance Model for the delivery of 30 core business critical projects across all key functional areas.

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