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Posts tagged ‘Coaching’

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Programme and Project Management Consultancy

In January 2018 thebigteam were engaged to provide support and direction to the establishment of European Regional Programme Governance Model for the delivery of 30 core business critical projects across all key functional areas.

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2016 Mercedes Benz Trucks CSI #1 Roadshow

Following the success of the 2015 CSI Roadshow - it-connects were asked to deliver the 2016 CSI #1 Roadshows for Mercedes Benz Trucks. Taking the results of the European Heavy Trucks Survey and

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Coaching with CV

Just got in at 10pm having been in Birmingham VW Van Centre for the day. I did promise to write a blog so I dropped the shirts in the wash, put everything on charge, went upstairs kissed girlfriend hello and goodnight, grabbed a mini French lager from the fridge and here I sit to write blog.

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