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Posts tagged ‘Video’

Filming at Tetbury

Well, what could go wrong? Two days at a retailer providing technical support to a production team from TwoFour Productions, one of the largest independent production companies in the UK, creating an internal comms video in the use of video technology in the aftersales department; enter Adam Kelly. Read more

Delivering Audi Cam

In 2010, Audi announced the ambitious delivery of launching Audi Cam to its retail network of 128 Audi Centres in the UK and Northern Ireland. Read more

A culture to die for?

Entropy at 8% unheard of?

Barrett Values Centre’s CCT tools enable organisations and individuals to measure their current and desired cultures presenting a set of values that represent these cultures. The team at it-connects has one of the largest teams of Certified CTT consultants in the UK. Read more