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Simon Knocker

Simon is the owner of thebigteam limited. He lives near Guildford in the UK with his wife Laura and their 3 children.

He has an Honours Degree in Economics from St Andrews University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management.  In 1990, he was commissioned into the Army, coming in the top 10 of all graduate entrants at Sandhurst.

Since leaving the forces Simon has worked directly for Societe Generale, The Papworth Trust, Audi UK, Volkswagen UK and was one of the founders and the Managing Director of a web-based aviation company.

In 2002, he became a freelance Project Manager & Management Consultant establishing it-connects and rebranded it to thebigteam in 2017.

Simon loves adventurous activity; he is a keen sailor, skier and wakeboarder, and enjoys nothing better than a day out on the water with his family.

Read more about Simon at LinkedIn

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