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Exploring the Business Potential of VR

I am on a journey of VR discovery.

Virtual Reality or VR has just taken a monumental leap forward with the launch of meeting room platforms that enable users to collaborate virtually – no travel, no egos, and in an environment which goes well beyond what you could achieve in a normal meeting room.

My journey is to explore, learn and use.

Share the Experience

Who knows where this will take me but I am keen to learn and explore. My goal is to become an expert in facilitation in VR.

Help People Use It

As I become more skilled I am looking to help others to join me on the journey.

Create Spaces for People

Being an expert in facilitation in VR is one of my goals, enable others to benefit from the experience by creating great spaces for people to collaborate is another.

Mind-blowing potential”

My 84-year-old father

Come and join the journey of discovery.

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