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More than Project Management

Project management is one of our core skills and talents and thebigteam has a superb track record of delivering a wide variety of leading edge business change projects.  To us managing change is far more than a layer of rigour and bureaucracy to keep control over a budget and to ensure the required outcome is delivered on time.  To thebigteam, change is about the outcome making a sustainable difference.

Our focus is on helping clients to;

– Scope and define their project correctly to ensure that the real purpose and objective is absolutely clear

– Establish clear and robust project governance and, probably most importantly, deliver project leadership

– Communicate and manage stakeholders

– Make it happen!

Get a flavour for the variety and innovation of our deliveries.

Why ‘more’ than project management?

Well we can do just project management and that is fine, but chances are if you are undergoing change, you need a more complete solution.  You may need to outsource some of the workstreams and actual work to us.  You may need to investigate a technical solution or process issue.  You might want to pilot your project.  You may benefit from training and coaching your staff in new technology or a new process to get it working.  Coaching change is not just about teaching and training, often it is about getting things to work quickly and efficiently, getting staff behind the project and helping them to get the best out of it so that it works!

How will your project or idea shape new processes and what impact will it have on existing work flows and practices? We look at all of theses things, find a solution and make it happen.

So we are not just project and programme managers, we are managers, business people with varied experience, intelligence, leadership, common sense and a shared passion for making it happen.  We make sure that ‘thebigteam’ by working at any level and across departments, teams and even industries.  We ensure that responsibility is taken for getting things done and often that responsibility will fall with us.  We like to be accountable and we deliver.

Our clients trust us implicitly and that trust has been built up over many complex and highly successful projects that have made a sustainable difference.  Trust is difficult to convey in a website! So why not listen to our clients, they ask us back again and again, then get in touch, and start building that trust.

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